Phototriac Output

Triac output photocouplers provide a high isolation voltage between input and output Viso of 3,750Vrms (SOP) / 5,000Vrms (DIP6). With two options of zero-crossing and random phase type of triac driver output, it will provide flexibility for circuit designers. Other benefits include high off-State Output Terminal voltage (400V, 600V & 800V) and high critical rate of rise off-state voltage (min 1000V/µs).



New Product


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Part No. Package Trigger Current (mA) Feature Breakdown voltage (V) Viso (Vrms) VF (V)
LTV-8052M Phototriac Output_DIP4 10 Phototriac Output 5000 1.4
LTV-8062 Phototriac Output_DIP4 10 Phototriac Output 600 500 1.4


Part No Title Size Last Modified Download
LTV-8052M Data Sheet 0.3 MB 2018 / 01 / 18
LTV-8062 Data Sheet 0.46 MB 2018 / 01 / 09