2021 / 09 / 27

LITEON files complaint against Sensor Electronic Technology, Inc. (SETi) LITEON safeguards and protects the intellectual property rights and interests of its clients

September 27, 2021- Lite-On Technology Corporation (“LITEON”) has filed a patent infringement suit against Sensor Electronic Technology, Inc. (“SETi”) September 17, 2021, in the United States District Court for the Western District of Texas, asserting infringement of LITEON’s UV LED patents and demanding a judgment that SETi has infringed and seeking an injunction and an award of damages. The claims relate to the UV LED package, LED chip, and epitaxial layer growth.


LITEON is founded in 1975 and being a worldwide leading provider of optoelectronic semiconductors. LITEON Optoelectronics Product Solution SBU (LITEON OPS) has been dedicated to R&D on LED technologies and has more than forty-five years' experience in this field. Its leading role is backed by the broadest and most widely varying product offering in Optical technologies, ranging from illumination to sensing, from low power to high power, from commodity to custom-made, from LED to Laser, from visible lights to infrared & UV. LITEON possesses a strong patent portfolio in the key markets including America, China, Taiwan, Japan, Europe, and Korea.


In response to recent press releases by SETi as a subsidiary of Seoul Viosys and the media coverage that focused on the patent lawsuits related to SETi v. LITEON, LITEON hereby clarifies that:

The patent lawsuits are still in progress. LITEON disputes SETi’s claims and will vigorously defend against them. LITEON reaffirms that we, as always, respect intellectual property rights and will devote to the protection of customers’ and shareholders’ benefits and rights.




CONTACT:  Ifei Lee

                    Director of ALED LOB, OPS SBG,

                    LITE-ON Technology Corporation