2014 / 10 / 29

LTL2V3TU05K 5mm UV Lamp



UV-LEDs have been chosen by demanding customers that require rigorous quality such as high precision curing, ink curing (printing), bill checker.High radiant intensity intensity output has a higher emitting efficiency to save power energy. Advanced epoxy technology has a good moisture resistance and UV protection to be used in package,.


  • High radiant intensity output.

  • Low power consumption & High efficiency.

  • Superior resistance to moisture

  • Good UV inhibitor

  • Lead free & RoHS Compliant

  • Popular T-1 3/4diameter, UV 402nm Lamp, Water clear package.
  • Ink curing

  • Resin curing

  • Mosquito Lamp.

  • Fluorescence excitation

  • Counterfeit detection