Side View Series

Automotive PLCC

LITEON offers a selection of Side View packages that are miniature in size and specially configured to suit the automotive application environment. Side emitting LEDs benefit applications that require light to be spread across a specific area, and is idea for dashboard and ambient lighting applications.



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Part No Outside Dimension Emitting Color Dominant Wavelength (nm) Luminous Intensity Max. Driving Current (mA) AEC-Q
LTSA-S020ZGWTA 3.8(L)x0.6(W)x1.2(H) mm Green 523~538nm 250~640mcd@2mA 20mA NO
LTSA-S020ZWETA 3.8(L)x0.6(W)x1.2(H) mm White 0.32 , 0.31 180~450mcd@2mA 30mA NO
LTSA-S089ZWETU 3.0(L)x1.4(W)x1.4(H) mm White 0.32 , 0.31 6~8lm@20mA 50mA NO


Title Size Last Modified Download
LTSA-S020ZWETA 0.67 MB 2021-07-05
LTSA-S020ZGWTA 0.61 MB 2021-07-05
LTSA-S089ZWETU 0.88 MB 2021-07-05