New Released Product
New Released Product
LTPA-2720 Series

Automotive LED

LTPA-2720 Series

The LTPA-2720 series offer extreme flexibility and efficiency for developers as brightness and color can be changed without changing layout. This ultra-compact package offers benefits applications that require large amount of light to be concentrated on a specific area, and is ideal for automotive exterior applications including Daytime Running Lights and Turn Signals.

Part No.

Outside DimensionEmitting ColorDominant Wavelength
Luminous IntensityMax. Driving Current
LTPA-2720SAETU2.75(L)x2.0(W)x0..6(H) mmPC Amber0.57 , 0.4215~40lm@250mA240mA
LTPA-2720ZAETU2.75(L)x2.0(W)x0..6(H) mmAmber0.57 , 0.4230~80lm@250mA350mA
LTPA-2720ZWETU2.75(L)x2.0(W)x0..6(H) mmWhite0.32 , 0.3350~100lm@250mA 350mA
Data SheetVersionSizeLast UpdatedDownload
Ray File Size Last Updated Download
Application Note for LTPA-2720 Series Rayfile Importing and Simulation (pdf)298KB2018/04/10Download
LTPA-2720SAETU Optical Source Model (10MRays) - ASAP (zip)223MB2018/04/09Download
LTPA-2720SAETU Optical Source Model (10MRays)- LightTool (zip)237MB2018/04/09Download
LTPA-2720SAETU Optical Source Model (10MRays) - OPITS (zip)248MB2018/04/09Download
LTPA-2720SAETU Optical Source Model (10MRays) - TracePro (zip)230MB2018/04/09Download
LTPA-2720ZAETU Optical Source Model (10MRays) - ASAP (zip)223MB2018/04/09Download
LTPA-2720ZAETU Optical Source Model (10MRays)- LightTool (zip)237MB2018/04/09Download
LTPA-2720ZZAETU Optical Source Model (10MRays)- LUCID (zip)223MB2018/04/09Download
LTPA-2720ZAETU Optical Source Model (10MRays) - OPITS (zip)248MB2018/04/09Download
LTPA-2720ZAETU Optical Source Model (10MRays) - TracePro (zip)230MB2018/04/09Download
LTPA-2720ZWETU Optical Source Model (10MRays) - ASAP (zip)223MB2018/04/09Download
LTPA-2720ZWETU Optical Source Model (10MRays)- LightTool (zip)239MB2018/04/09Download
LTPA-2720ZWETU Optical Source Model (10MRays)- LUCID (zip)223MB2018/04/09Download
LTPA-2720ZWETU Optical Source Model (10MRays) - OPITS (zip)250MB2018/04/09Download
LTPA-2720ZWETU Optical Source Model (10MRays) - TracePro (zip)231MB2018/04/09Download
Design Fil Size Last Updated Download
LTPA-2720 Series  - 3D CAD File (zip)                                33MB   2018/2/2Download